Alan McKay's reflection in a computer screen

Social Media

It is common knowledge to skirt any mention of personal social media accounts when it comes to interacting with an employer - or even further, a potential employer. This is to exclude linkedIn, of course. It could be argued that the core of this wisdom is rooted in peoples' propensity to impulsiveness which often leads to a display of vanity; A quality frowned upon by most employers when evaluating an employee due to its implications of self-centered attitude. Yet, the same companies are prone to the same qualities on the very same platforms. Each account a display in vanity in an effort to get some form of attention. Each account quick to impulsively react to a misinterpreted comment posted to their content. A big morass to vie for attention whilst pandering to those doing the same. Very little authenticity.

A lot of what I've said is conjecture and based on intuition. Regardless of this, it should be noted that I'm not exempt from what I say. Any form of social media seems to be a front; so few people post content exploring the miserable aspects of their lives. It seems only the perfect life catered for the platform feed is presented. For all the selfies of perfect couples there are hardly any of the distress caused from the eventual break-up. A company's feed displays a group photo of happy and content employees while hiding the fact a manager or a co-worker treats others awfully. Lacking in authenticity by excluding the uncomfortable elements of humanity.

I created an Instagram account in spring 2019 for two reasons. The primary was to provide an avenue for someone to contact me; someone who ultimately gave me no thought. Obviously this was a foolish endeavor. It is the secondary that caused me to maintain the account for a handful of years. The secondary spurred by the fact I had a near-death experience in 2015, which bubbled a certain anxiety until it became overwhelming late 2018. This bubbling essentially cumulated in a breakdown early spring 2019 in which I sought counselling. Through counselling, it was suggested that I take a picture whenever I feel my mind racing to help it slow down.

Being someone who does a lot of cycling, backpacking, and kayaking, a lot of the pictures I took began to form a standard. A pattern began to develop observing scale and the juxtaposition of two objects in terms of how they occupy space in this world. This contrast allowed a means of introspection where I could recognize I am one of these objects. It started to help isolate the racing thoughts to the moment of time in which they occurred; like a snapshot.

The silhouette of a girl amongst tiered catwalks
Valarie among walkways of the Visual Arts Building

As time progresses, I find myself taking less photos. This is due to a combination of a newfound of ease of mind and a tempered skill of recognizing the worthwhile moments to capture; moments which are worth getting caught up in. Photos are still taken. Each a beautiful scene. Each a front for a string of anxious thought - some underlying form of a human condition in which one should not lose sight on.

The silhouette of a man amongst tall trees on a hill
Clayton among the trees of the Black Hills

I prefer not to maintain an Instagram account anymore. This is contrary to a vsco account, where an occasional picture is posted. Feel free to take a look at my social media presence here: